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Summer Academy at Kennedy Space Center

Florida Institute of Technology and NASA are partnering to offer the 2013 Governor's School for Space Science and Technology for gifted Florida high students. Astronaut Dr. Sam Durrance and space physicist Dr. Niescja Turner (pictured above), both Florida Tech professors, will lead the program.


The Florida Governor's School for Space Science and Technology has two main components which include: (1) interactive virtual speaker series and (2) a two week residential school hosted at Florida Tech and Kennedy Space Center.


Interactive Virtual Speaker Series


The interactive virtual speaker series is free and accessible to any gifted high school student in any grade. Each presentation features live audio/video of the speaker, a side-by-side powerpoint presentation, and the ability for students to submit real-time questions via chat. There is no special software required to participate, however registration is required.

Feb 19th - NASA Pathway (landing a NASA Co-op and Internship Program) - Josephine Pereira, Recruitment and Student Programs Manager at NASA Kennedy Space Center

Feb 20th - My Journey on Becoming an Astronaut - NASA Astronaut Sam Durrance

Feb 27th - How to Become an Astronaut - Kelvin Manning, Associate Director, NASA Kennedy Space Center

Feb 28th - Magnetic Storms and Space Weather - Dr. Niescja Turner, Physics and Space Sciences Professor at Florida Tech

March 5th - Exoplanets - What is beyond us? - Astronaut Dr. Sam Durrance, Physics and Space Sciences Professor at Florida Tech

March 7th - Follow In Their Footsteps - (Success stories from young NASA Scientists and Engineers ) - Dr. David J. Smith, NASA Surface Systems Office, and others.


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Two-Week Residential School


The free two-week residential school will competitively select 20 gifted rising high school seniors from submitted applications. Part of the application includes an essay question about what the student gained from one or more of the virtual speaker series sessions. Once selected, students will be housed at Florida Tech and engaged in a variety of educational activities on campus and at the NASA Kennedy Space Center including:


* a challenging curriculum taught by an Astronaut Sam Durrance & Space Physicist Niescja Turner

* several different hands-on and inquiry based research projects

* meetings with NASA Scientists and Engineers

* tours of NASA labs & Kennedy Space Center facilities

* a scholarship in the amount of $15,000 per year for 4 years to Florida Institute of Technology

Applications for the two-week residential school are now available here

All Governor's School activities are provided at no charge to the participants.

You may contact us by email at or by phone at 1-800-381-7154.

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