Governor's School for Space Science and Technology

Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Concerning the Interactive Virtual Speaker Series


How competitive will it be to get accepted?

Admission to the Interactive Virtual Speaker Series is open and accessible to any gifted high school student residing in Florida. It is not competitive.

Do I need special software?

No. You simply need a computer and internet connection.

Can I ask questions during the sessions?

Yes, absolutely. You can type questions in real-time to the presenter and she or he will answer them.

Will I get high school credit for attending the Speaker Series?


Do I have to participate in the Interactive Virtual Speaker Series to be able apply for the Two-Week Residential School?

Somewhat. The application for the two-week residential school requires you to answer several questions including an essay question about what you gained or learned from one or more of the sessions in the Virtual Speaker series. So, while attendance is not required at every session, it is important to participate in some way.

I really wanted to attend a particular session, but I was unable to do so. How do I get the information from the session?

All sessions are recorded and links are sent out to registered participants afterwards.


FAQ Concerning the Two-Week Residential School


Are there scholarship opportunities?

Yes. Florida Institute of Technology will award 20 scholarships to those students who are selected and successfully complete the two-week school associated with Governor's School for Space Science and Technology. Governor's School scholarships will combine resources from Florida Tech and the state of Florida for a minimum guarantee of $15,000 per academic year for attendance at the university.

Where will the delegates stay?

Delegates will stay in a dormitory located on the Florida Tech campus. Details will be provided to families of accepted students. 

How competitive will it be to get accepted?

Selection to the two-week residential school is highly competitive, as applications may be accepted from students anywhere in Florida, but there are only twenty slots.

Will there be chaperones?

Yes. There will be chaperones at all events and in the dorms.

Will delegates be able to drive cars?

Students will not be permitted to drive their own vehicles during the academy.

Are families invited?

Families will not be permitted to attend most summer academy events. However, families will be invited to an orientation teleconference/video conference prior to the summer academy, an awards luncheon on Friday June 28th, and there may be a parents day organized during the weekend of June 23/24 if the schedule permits.

Are laptops allowed? Is internet available?

Laptops are encouraged but not required. Internet will be available at Florida Tech campus.

Do delegates need spending money?

All activities at the school, including room and board, are covered by the academy itself at no cost to the students, so students will not need to bring money, though they may want to bring some for the purchase of souvenirs from their trip or snacks beyond the meals provided.

What are the transportation arrangements?

Delegates should arrive by 1pm Sunday, June 26 at the Astronaut Hall of Fame in Titusville. The Governor's School will provide transportation for all events in the academy. Delegates should be picked up on Friday, June 28.

How do we get there?

There will be directions provided for all accepted students.

Will we need badges?

Delegates will need badges to enter certain areas of Kennedy Space Center. We will provide any necessary badges.

I have another commitment (family, academic, or other). Can we arrive late or leave early?

In short, no. Given the intensity of experience in a two-week program, we will not accept students who cannot attend the entire time.

Will delegates receive college credit?

There is no college credit for the academy, but a scholarship opportunity (mentioned above) is available.

Are there special preparations or a required reading list?

Specific instructions for delegates will be sent out over the summer.